Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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medaglia Stampacchia and workshop

created by buttazzo on 16 May 2017
modified by paolini on 17 May 2017

In 2018 there will be the international workshop "VARIATIONAL ANALYSIS" in Erice; the web page is

During the opening ceremony of the International Workshop, a Gold Medal in honour of Guido Stampacchia will be assigned for the sixth time, after an international competition, to a young mathematician, whose age be not greater than 35 years at the date of December 31st 2018, for his scientific contribution in the fields of Variational Analysis and Calculus of Variations. All the information about the medal can be found on the web site

Candidatures of young excellent mathematicians are welcome. The information about the Gold Medal can be found on the web page above or on

Giuseppe Buttazzo

Posted by: buttazzo

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