Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Curves and Networks in Geometric Analysis

created by root on 02 Feb 2017

Workshop at the Centro De Giorgi in Pisa, 26-30 June 2017

"Curves and Networks in Geometric Analysis"

Optimization and evolution problems involving systems of curves and surfaces, and more generally networks or branched structures are ubiquitous: they arise in a variety of contexts, embracing classical geometric problems such as mean curvature flow, Plateau problem and Steiner tree problem, as well as more general geometric evolution problems of physical interest and optimal (branched) transportation models in economics, biology, image processing and data analysis. Such kind of problems have attracted a lot of attention in recent years, and several sophisticated tools from geometric analysis, partial differential equations and geometric measure thery have been developed to handle, theoretically and numerically, suitable weak notions of solutions and analyse the presence or the formation of singularities within the models under investigation. Aim of this workshop is to bring together senior experts in the geometric analysis of curves, surface and networks with young researchers interested to share state-of-the-art techniques and different perspectives and point of views in this research field.


Giovanni Bellettini (Univ. Siena)
Mauro Bonafini (Univ. Trento)
Annalisa Cesaroni (Univ. Padova)
Antonin Chambolle (Ecole Polytechnique)
Maria Colombo (ETH)
Anna Dall'Acqua (Univ. Ulm)
Guido De Philippis (SISSA)
Michael Goldman (Paris 7)
Emanuele Haus (Univ. Napoli)
Lami Kim (TITECH)
Shokhrukh Kholmatov (SISSA)
Tim Laux (Max-Planck Institute)
Gian Paolo Leonardi (Univ. Modena)
Francesco Maggi (ICTP)
Simon Masnou (Univ. Lione)
Cyrill Muratov (NJIT)
Emanuele Paolini (Univ. Pisa)
Alessandra Pluda (Univ. Regensburg)
Paola Pozzi (Univ. Essen)
Berardo Ruffini (Univ. Montpellier)
Oliver Schnürer (Univ. Konstanz)
Felix Schulze (Univ. College, London)
Luca Spolaor (MIT) <>


Carlo Mantegazza
Matteo Novaga
Giandomenico Orlandi

Posted by: root

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