Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Mathematics of Thin Structures

created by neukamm on 16 Apr 2018
modified on 02 Aug 2018

26 sep 2018 - 28 sep 2018   [open in google calendar]

Dresden, Germany

Workshop „Mathematics of thin structures (Modeling, Analysis and Simulation)“

(organizers: Stefan Neukamm, Oliver Sander und Axel Voigt)

which will be held at

TU Dresden (Faculty of Mathematics), Sept 26, 2018 (9am) - Sept 28, 2018 (6pm)

Perspective: Many models in mechanics, physics and biology invoke thin structures and physical processes therein. With this workshop we intend to bring together mathematicians and physicists working on the modeling, mathematical analysis and numerics of such models. In particular, topics of interest include variational models for thin films (e.g. featuring wrinkling, prestrain and microstructure) and vector- and tensor-valued partial differential equations on surface (e.g. models for surface liquid crystals and surface fluids).

The workshop features invited presentations by

John Ball (Oxford, UK) Sören Bartels (Freiburg, Germany) Peter Bella (Leipzig, Germany) Amin Doostmohammadi (Oxford, UK) Marta Lewicka (Pittsburgh, USA) Andreas Fery (Dresden, Germany) Alain Goriely (Oxford, UK) Peter Hansbo (Jönköping, Sweden) Patrizio Neff (Duisburg-Essen, Germany) Gaetano Napoli (Lecce, Italien) Paul Plucinsky (Minnesota, USA)

In addition there will be contributed short talks.

We also kindly ask you to share this information among your colleagues.

Registration for participation is mandatory and possible till August 24, 2018. Participation requires to pay a fee of 70 EUR.

For more details on the program and the registration please visit:


With best regards Stefan Neukamm, Oliver Sander and Axel Voigt

Organizers: Stefan Neukamm, Oliver Sander, Axel Voigt.

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