ERC Research Period on Calculus of Variations and Analysis in Metric Spaces

School on Geometric Evolution Problems

created by paolini on 10 Jan 2014
modified by ambrosio on 28 Apr 2017

23 jun 2014 - 28 jun 2014   [open in google calendar]

For a selected list of participants funding for the local expenses will be provided, not for travel.

The list of funded participants will be published after March 31.

Organizers: Luigi Ambrosio, Carlo Mantegazza, Andrea Mennucci.

R. Haslhofer: Mean curvature flow of mean convex hypersurfaces
G. Besson: On open 3-manifolds
P. Michor: Geodesic evolution equations on shape spaces and diffeomorphism groups
F. Schulze: Networks of curves evolving by curvature in the plane
T. Colding(*): Generic mean curvature flow

(*) to be confirmed